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Album: Track 10 on Shontelligence
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Hush little shorty don't you cry
I'll sing you a ghetto lullaby
When things get rough, let me dry your eyes
Give you the strength, hold your head up high
When this cold world never do you right
I'll hold you down through the darkest nights
Rest your head let me ease your mind
I'll sing you a ghetto lullaby

Where shall I begin
To teach you what could take a lifetime to learn
Enough lies will be told, with each day the truth will unfold
Picture if you can, a mountain so high that you can't see the top
An ocean so wide, you can see where it meets the sky
Well that's how far you're gonna have to go
Hold on tight shorty don't let go
Those rains will fall and those winds will blow
Out in those streets it can be so cold


I'm looking at you, A picture of innocence framed within trust
Each river you cross, filled with the unknown not so treasureous
All envy and greed, Will rip you apart and leave you to bleed
An incessantly cut you up with no trace of mercy
Enough backstabbers and informers
Hate and disease so let me warn ya
Sharks in the ocean will raise their teeth
Lets all run fast when you see


Dry your eyes don't you cry
Not tonight
If you just try you will find your sunrise


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