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Artist: Silence 4 Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Silence Becomes It
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You're never with me
You're never near me
What time is it?
What time?
Who's time is this?
Give yourself a change to breathe
I'll give you the room you need
You're never here
You're never near here
What day is this?
What day?
Who's day is this?
Put me in your supermarket list
I'me here, I'm real, It's true, I do exist
Today you may feel a little sleepy
Maybe the morning is too soon
I guess I'll have to borrow
One of your sunny afternoons
But afternoons they never come
There's nothing left for me to borrow - * 4
I guess i'll try again tomorrow
You're wasting me
You're breaking, you're wasting me
Can this be love?
Is this?
Who's love is this?
What is wrong with you i don't know
No place in you for me
And me, I need you so
And if you want to be yourself
No one disturbing, that's alright
I guess i'll have to borrow
A little of yoursealf tonight
But toniht it never comes
There's nothing left for me to borrow
I guess i'll try again tomorrow - * 4
It may seem a little hollow
But i'll try again tomorrow
There's nothing left for me to borrow
I guess i'll try again tomorrow

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