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Mary Jane I'm gettin so fed up with all the shit that everyone keeps handing me
Mary Jane whisper in my ears cause you're the one that truly understands me
Mary Jane you know you build me up and I just beg you girl to never leave me
I wanna hear ya scream my name, Mary Jane
You get me fucked up, get me fucked up inside my brain
Scream my name Mary Jane
You get me so high, get me so high
I can't, no I can't
Baby Baby won't you just sit back and help me feel the path out so much faster
A psychedelic little point of view that opened up my eyes
Mary Jane, don't let the peace run dry
So please spark me right now, right now
[Chorus] Mary Jane don't you know I like to change which way the river flows
She climbs down inside me softly
Claims my soul never ever wants to leave
But I just wanna' fly
Get fucked up
Get fucked up
Oh my Mary Jane

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