Simply Red - Smile Lyrics

Writer(s) : Kirkham, Ian / Hucknall, Mick
Artist: Simply Red Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Simplified
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You make me smile glow and shine
You make me glad to be alive
With love it's easy to survive

The girl that I lost when I was blue
Has confirmed my heart grows stronger
When there's you

'Cause you make me smile
You make me smile

True love won't find a better way
Fake love best plan its getaway
New love won't find a better place to stay

The woman that I love you always knew
My heart loves longer and stronger when there's you

The color of my blood is truly justified
That was me it was me I never lied
My blood flows through you
And my heart goes to you when you cried

It's no good to bluff or never wonder why
Who to be, who to be, I've never tried
It's enough to know you
And to love you baby is my pride
Loving you forever is a must
And for now on my love will never be denied

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