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Artist: Sinner Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Fast Decision
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[Bonus track]

Walking down the main street tonight
I'm all alone, the opposition is sight
My blood runs cold, my heart breaks up
And my scream for vengeance ... will never stop
Oh yeah

Unrelented to go on
With no chance to hold on
The iltumatum is over
I know it's over

A fast decision - Knock him down
A fast decision - I smash his brow
A fast decision - that won't suppress
A fast decision - The torture

His position threw me off
A man of hell moved through the other one
They tell me...
A mist is risin'
And with a trick of the wind
Oh yeah

Few hours later
Change in the weather
The place risin' like evil
Yeah, inside of him


A fast decision <i>[4]

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