Sirenia - Sundown Lyrics

Artist: Sirenia Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Nine Destinies and a Downfall
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From a distance
I can see you descend
Like golden grains of sand
A weeping sun is descending
And the moon now ascending here
In these cold winterlands

I've been strolling through the pouring rain
In search of better days
I've been strolling down the darkest of lanes
Just to find it's all in vain

The sundown gives birth to another night
As the moon comes crawling across the sky
My soul feels cold and my heart is tired
I'm burning inside, can't stop the flames, the fire

From a distance
I can see you pretend
That your life's on the mend
A thousand riverines weeping
And a silver moon sweeping swift
Across forsaken lands

I've been crawling on my knees and hands
I've watched all suns descend
I've been dreaming some day, I'll ascend
Before the bitter end

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