Six Feet Under - Revenge of the Zombie Lyrics

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Album: Track 9 on Warpath
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From the grave I will escape
Maggots crawl from out my skull
The worms they feed upon my brain
The life I lost I now regain

And my skin has molded green
Bullet holes through flesh and bone
Half my face rotted off
I wait to drink your ****ing blood, blood!

Hunting, killing
Murderous, I'll cut your ****ing head off!

A butcher's knife clenched in my fist
Revenge of the Zombie
Stabbing you to ****ing death
Revenge of the Zombie
Hacking eyes right from your face
Revenge of the Zombie
I feed upon your dying brain
Revenge of the Zombie
To live your life in horrid pain
Revenge of the Zombie
Open sores start to decay
Revenge of the Zombie
New human beings I create
Revenge of the Zombie
From my spell you can't escape
Revenge of the Zombie

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