Skid Row - Mudkicker Lyrics

Artist: Skid Row Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Slave to the Grind
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We stand accused but you lie
Varicose-veined finger
Prejudiced evil mind
The young t stronge'g
FKe living fast
But you're a sapsucker
You ain't gonna last

Your twisted mouths feed the minds of babies
Taught from birth it's crime that pays
One man's fortune is another man's pain
But that's how you play the game

I ain't the child of your disgraace
You're mudkickin' into my face
I've healed the wounds, been crucified
Mudckicker kick
Ha! Here's mud in your eye

Ladies and gentlemen and members of the jury
All rise, 'cause here comes the boss
he's your big brother the silver tongued doublecross
His collar starched white, big black briefcase held tight
It holds the power to your demise

The corporation blue sedan
Behind the wheel Mr. Business-Man
He thinks he's got the upper hand
But he misunderstands


Your prestige is clear as day
But I can scrape the sewer bilge and see the same
The young get stronger, free living fast
But your a sapsucker you ain't gonna last


Mudkicker kick, kickin' me down
Mudkicker kickin' me all around
Mudcicker kick, kickin' me down
Mudkicker kick, kickin' me down
Mudkicker kickin' me all around
Mudkicker kick, kickin' me down
Mudkicker kick-I don't **** around, no

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