Skin - Don't Need a Reason Lyrics

Artist: Skin Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Fake Chemical State
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You're on ecstasy
I'm on herbal tea
Take a napkin out
Wipe your sweaty brow

Hail a dirty cab
Stinks of beer and shags
Can't get home too soon

I don't need a reason
To take a little ride with you

I can't find my keys
You break in with ease
Slap you round your face
Because you like the taste

Spinning round the room
Morning comes too soon
Still its perfect for fools

I need no reason
To take a little time with you
Don't need a reason
To take a little ride with you

You're still off your skull
This is getting dull
Days are dragging past
I will never last

Then you cling so rough
I melt into lust
Can't pretend to play cool

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