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Artist: Skin Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Fake Chemical State
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Still looking sound
Wishing you could see me

Like a dog in hell
I’m gonna bite to kill
And make it easy

And when the birds and the bees
Get a little squeeze
That’s where you’ll find me

(’Cos I) been picking up tricks
(So) I’m feelin’ slick
For all who need me

Oh no she’s on
(And there’s) no one quite like her to tune you out
Oh no she’s on
(And there’s) no one quite like her to freak you out
Girl i’m gonna take you down

I’m walking around
Not making a sound
(’Cos I’m) big time sneaky

Like a babe with a bell
I’m gonna ring and tell
(And) take your sweeties

And when the birds in the trees
Give up all their seeds
I’m gonna eat my fill

I’m gonna skin the bricks
Gonna play for kicks
And make it seedy

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