Slaughterhouse Charlie Sloth Lyrics

Artist: Slaughterhouse
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Uh, house gang not a thing
Pointed to one of these rap dudes and let it sing
More bars than the bing,
Say life's a bitch I gave it away and ring, yeah
Uh, watch out quick and this go for nine
Gonna hooker this some trigger to the shooter,
Uh, I'm the rapper hated the most,
Riding toplist decapitated to ghost,
Yeah, show we whiling for the night,
True religion hoodie rocking sound for the night,
Hey y'already know what we do
Some of that, don't act like this that ahh

Yeah, you witness in another high life setting in
In my career I used to feel a lot like dead in it
It's happening so I hope you feel a lot like letting it
We just for real, getting our shot like head this,
Getting life top without going pop like devote trying body
Might got pregnant but I'm decide .. having it,
That means we all see through ya'll
We all G now just tell me,
Now keep your RNb unless your test LV
Joey Simpson
(uh, baby girl I love you)

Yeah, picture that ..suporting the air,
I have the power to thunder cats symbol in the sky
After hours this is so much more than rap music,
It's so much more more than rap music,
Uh!! Uh, goddamn it
Twisted my penny gave you bars like my .. depend
Now which mark I can flow, I don't' get it depends
Maybe go run again like Jigy in them
Since I'm in the position to talk to these kids in my back and against the wall
Without the .. he knockles without giving that .. stitchs again
See a lot of ya know me, for those who don't know me
Ya should get to know me, 'cause homie is no me,
I grew up on the six floor and missed the big war,
Beef got barbeque in that trigger finger got linked off
Big soft blocks got in the pot until they breaked off and chipped off
and the little rocks in the blocks they got shipped off,
what is for the nasty pitty pants the beats
you face rugs dealer rappers that been acting like me
but just in case you hated that ain't the case I made it,
the money so clean but it's how the gang related.

House gang in the way to black flag
different type of game, remember?
Home boy boy back back
I tell my papa .. on the hand stand
Why the world is going in the hell and the Louie handbag
It ain't the end of the world but it's like the .. in the kindergarden
When the *** 'and George and my memories and I'ma keep ..
Keeping all my .. with the .. 'cause the sea all I ..
And what he say, he tryin' to blame violence on rap music and video game
Like we're here killing for .. thing,
If I was rap decide tell the rapper give me your chain,
million views on .. I creep low through the savanna
I'm hunting you gazelle in there, now what step I could smell your fear,
Hold up, A packs predator, pioneer on your third eye,
Graduated till my forth one
You cross us in the street homie, you're done
Just like a child support judge we whole court son,
Planning back, want us all to die,
Bill a rally want us all to die, but real ..don't die
Do something lie that's .. I'm Minnie multiply.