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Album: Track 15 on Chronchitis
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Have you Ever Really Wanted,
Someone to call your own
And if you ever really Needed
When you were all alone
In time and trouble did you ever think that,
You would be with your back against the wall
But now you’re older,
So much wiser now,
The one who wants to make the call.

A little Older now,
Is why you’re all alone.
Don’t really know if you’ll be old enough,
To what was wrong.
And if you ever really thought that,
You would be the one with your back against the wall
But now you’re old and realize,
You never knew,
What it was to lose it all.

And if you hear what the other man say,
You better stop and see.
And if you see what the other man see,
You know we must agree
And if you do what the other man do,
Oh lord, we cannot be.
The way that we wanted,
The way that you need for,
The one that you plea


We can hope for better skies and,
We don’t see why others lie on,
Day and night you can’t deny it,
Since we’ve seen through other’s eyes and.
The long and windy road,
Is a road that’s been less traveled on,
I said the long and windy road,
Is the road to take while moving on


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