Slipknot - Butcher's Hook Lyrics

Writer(s) : Jordison, Nathan Jonas / Wilson, Sidney George / Gray, Paul Dedrick / Fehn, Christopher Michael / Root, James Donald / Jones, Craig Alan / Crahan, Mic
Artist: Slipknot Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on All Hope Is Gone
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Contrite, commercial, arrogance, leprosy
Consume the *****, the ****er, mindless, like a child
For pity's sake, I've had all that I can take
We try, but in the end we'll see
There are no more codes
Only who is **** and who's still free
I was gonna change the world with honor and aggression
No one listened no one cared
All they saw was misdirection

[Chorus: Repeat x4]
Go ahead and disagree, I'm giving up again?

I don't want you anymore
I don't need you anymore
Fingerprint of God, your new religions covet
This vessel wasn't built to last
But I will live forever, you'll never have to say surrender
Because you're so part of it
My total honesty has no place for tomorrow
Guilty pleasures give me pain
Tell my people I can't follow


You'll never censor me, you'd better cherish me
My reason has a voice, freedom's gone but we'll always have a choice
My present future tense, it doesn't make much sense
I'm coming after you, **** you all I'm the only point of view

Violence and dollar signs, another processed piece of ****
You hide your fault in diamonds and give away the only
Cost, you can't delay the inevitable
Lost, don't understand the incredible path
I'm losing ground, but I won't care when I go down


I'm giving up again

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