Slipknot - Me Inside Lyrics

Writer(s) : Taylor, Corey Todd / Crahan, Michael Shawn / Gray, Paul Dedrick / Jordison, Nathan Jonas
Artist: Slipknot Lyrics
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Giving in to what has got me
Feeling claustrophobic, scarred
Severed me from all emotion
Life is just too ****ing hard
Snap! your face was all it took
Cuz this need aint doin me no good
Fall on my face, but cant you see?
This ****ing life is killing me!

Tearing me / inside

Too far gone, Im catatonic
Leaving you to criticize
Empty shell and running naked
All alone... lobotomized
Back and forth between my hang-ups
It isnt easy to be hated
Where do ya go? whaddya do?
Simpleton, impromptu, crazy eight
I never cared, not once
Gotta get away!

Tearing me / inside

I wasnt promised a thing
You keep mocking me
But you will never again
Before you know it - after youre gone


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