Slipknot - This Cold Black Lyrics

Writer(s) : Wilson, Sidney George / Jordison, Nathan Jonas / Gray, Paul Dedrick / Fehn, Christopher Michael / Root, James Donald / Jones, Craig Alan / Crahan, Mic
Artist: Slipknot Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on All Hope Is Gone
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Mother nature is a coward (mother nature is a whore)
No more presence, no more power (i pray for death, by the hour)
Cut another smile into me (into me is all you are)
My artifice won't recognize me (you won't find me)? anymore

Post-traumatic war machines, the pessimists still won't believe
Throw away my past mistakes, it's all I can to feel
Let my weapons be your children, let my armies be your damned
Try to suffer on in silence, try to stop me if you can

Pneumatic destroyer, pathetic seducer
Distortion sufficient
Some day, one day, we'll live our lives again

My ghosts have found their way back home
I have every right to kill my own
I am something now that never could exist
My anguish conquers all, pay the price and watch me fall
My only key is broken, my broken key is only? me


You utter waste of tired flesh, it doesn't matter if you can't progress
Even now they still create me, give me your ignorance, irritate me
I am made of the same debris, you want it all but you didn't want me
Hypocrite with no real use, I'm alive, what's your excuse?

[Chorus: x2]

We'll live our lives again

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