Slowride - I'm Everything Without You Lyrics

Artist: Slowride Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on As I Survive the Suicide Bomber
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dirty my hands with you and your problems
garbage floating through the air
just might be what it seems

yeah, i need more
i've got nothing to offer you
now or ever
what a mess
and i know i'm a dick to you
but i'm addicted to you

you should probably kick me out
cant you see we're better off without
all of this

rain sets tone
inspiration to write to you in a dark room
volumes of shit i can smear you with
cause you're such a bitch

brown tattered edges
of the book that's you that we've all read
and tossed aside
like yesterdays and memories of you

you should probably kick me out
can't you see we're better off without
all of this

oh yeah, it seems i've forgotten
what it is i want from this shit we've got
and it's killing me
oh yeah, it's killing me slowly
should i slit my wrists or get over it?
cause i'm everything without you

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