Slowride Montana Lyrics

Artist: Slowride
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, T.R.O. INC., SOCIEDAD GENERAL DE AUTORES DE ESPANA S G A E
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Length: 3:57

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Techniques forgot things fall apart
Ignore your problems long enough
Just like a match it burns you down
My songs compatible with yours
But still you fight your stupid wars
When you could drop your fists down

Just out of reach but still I reach
For it and fail - life is a *****
So now you know why I'm so bitter
So here I am out in the world
I'm shaded blue with undertones of grey
I'll shake it off, I know I can. Montana.

I'll take a trip so far away
You'll never know won't miss a day
I'm sure my name won't even cross your mind
Then well pretend to make amends
Well work it out well remain friends
I'd tell you what but you won't hear. montana.