Smalltown Poets - Any Other Love Lyrics

Artist: Smalltown Poets Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Third Verse
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Is imagined
This is real
Infatuation fun
Fades and loses its appeal
It dims my eyes
To the face
That until now I could not see
It's starting to sink in
The deeper I think in
These terms of eternity

Turn from any other love
To the only face of Your love

Any other love
Is misplaced identity
Pairing pride and shame
With the life it fakes of me
Faces of familiar loves
Fall in shadows on the floor
Chased there by
The light that pours
When you open every door


You're the only face
Of God's love for us
The one and only face
Of God's love for all of us

Any other love
Wants much more than I can give
I'm telling everyone
This is the way I choose to live


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