Smalltown Poets If You'll Let Me Love You Lyrics

Artist: Smalltown Poets
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Length: 3:03

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i don't have the perfect word to make it fine
i'm not so qualified for sympathy
still i am not without love

psalm number four falls on your grieving ear
yes, i believe the peace of christ is near
and i am here in his name
you'd do the same, you'd do the same...

if you'll let me close
closer than a brother
if you'll let me love you
we'll sit here and cry

if you'll let me love (let me love you)

never failing, ever hoping
seeking to preserve
it always is giving
often beyond words
and when there's nothing left to say
love has a voice
in sorrow and in heartache
there's a greater joy

i don't know what to do to ease your mind
whatever pain you have i'd take as mine
if you'll let me love (let me love you).