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Love is pain
My momma showed me the way
The day she pushed me out her womb
And told me Nigga get paid
Stay focused when them obstacles get in your way
Can't let these opportunities keep gettin' away
It gets hard tryn to juggle these responsibilities
But it's a beautiful struggle you can ask Kweli
After the rain falls
See the rainbow in the sky
Auntie passed,
See the pain go away when she died
Youngin' looked me in the eyes
Said he can't even cry
Asked him why?
'She in a better place now' he replied
Can't be walking with my face down
Face frown fed up
Bob Marley told me get up
Pac said keep ya head up
Try or fail or fail or try
This ain't about never falling
It's about how ya rise
Can't judge by the surface
It's about what's inside
You only reach a destination if you willing to ride
This ain't no sad song rap
Or a track you relax on
This to help you stand strong
While you getting your cash on
Ain't no looking back now son
Word, we came mad far
Whoever said it's easy living life as a rap star
You get knocked down
You get back up
You wanna live this lifestyle
You gotta be tough
The chips fall where they may
So the bricks stack up
The number one rule of making it is never give up

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