Snuff - Chalk Me Down for More Lyrics

Artist: Snuff Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Numb Nuts
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shit shit its all just shit
dropped in a world of it
fuck fuck its all just fucked
chalk me down for more
kick me up the arse
boot me through a week of tuesdays
i'll take my chances see where i fall
with another bag of tricks
a few subtle discrepancies
theres always vacancies
for ending up with a dodgy tenner
so pull a white dove from thin air
pull a boiled egg out my ear
shred my cash and smash my watch
and i'll be back for more
read my mind and guess the cards
stick me with 9 golden swords
box me up saw me in half
and i'll be back same time next week for more
take that ball and chain and sling it all
the way down arsehole st.
tears of joy down your cheeks
quids in for more

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