Soilent Green - Breed in Weakness Lyrics

Artist: Soilent Green Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Sewn Mouth Secrets
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no dilution to the norm
put to the test...
walking with the blind
bleed the disease
to exterminate man
unsound knowledge
for the less grateful
seedling sprouting-
up into spoiled plotting
harsh on the plagued...
drown... broken down
symbol of man's sterility
in a broken glass
shattered are the weak
like slivers of glass
slowly penetrating flesh
sin bleeds its stain through ages
violence eats its own
breed like roaches
in enormous hordes
smear the guilt in your face...
create the insane
breaking down... immune...
making stronger
held down... swallow a mold...
destroy the genetic code
steal the mind of evil in progression
the simple man's mind twisted
and warped to lead a world
to mold and create a clone of disease
quarintined in idealist form
of the non-perfect
don't think twice... cut the lines to life
reactions in hand
vital expectations only downfall...
continue this phase
i've seen the faces melt...
reveal the steril mind
hiding these dark secrets
man tries to leave behind
simple execution... stop the breeding
an overpopulation of fools
teach the broken this soul escape
reach the deeply shattered
the spreading colonies...
withholding its rapture
the escape to infiltrate
the plagued sky opens
its eyes of redemption
shedding its tears
the wings of hope...
singed and burned
too many times praising
the hands of murder
the vision of a man's dream diseased
stear yourself clear...
promise not to interfere
a rising downfall... drunk and raped
hiding the light
for a breath of slow growth
warmth bearing the birth of death
a winter of pain for the delight
to belie the truth of man...
this unbalanced offset
raped by intoxication
inject a sterile thought
with an infection
now the ladder to regression
so... lost... divine
deprived of the innocent
producing potential
taste it... feel it
scratching into walls
their form of art
a distressed form of fingerpainting
for the release of pain
ignorant knowledge
misunderstood approach
bright young minds...
weak lost minds
lose the edge... hybrid declines

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