Soilwork - If Possible Lyrics

Artist: Soilwork Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Stabbing the Drama
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If possible, just turn the page
Ad all you'll see remains the same
I wish I could blame it on a
Face without a name
In the centre of the place I hate
There's no escape that's what they say
Without a name
I've vanished since the anger came

Bitterness, sums up the truth I swear
And I won't dread my time

I won't leave today
As long as I can take the worlds you'll stake
No matter how the hell I make
The desperation go away
Without a name

Bitterness, sums up the truth I swear
And I won't dread my time
Meaningless and insincere
Hold back those tears, rewind

Come to the point with an illusion
It's there but it's not a revolution
You'll bare what is not you are responsibility
All that is left of what you used to be

(repeat chorus)

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