Soilwork Like the Average Stalker Lyrics

Artist: Soilwork
Publishers: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 4:30

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I think you just forgot to tell me why,Why I was fading out
Again Why my mask of sanity was slipping off again, my
Friend Beware of hatred when your time stands still

[Chorus: x3]
Like the average stalker Forge to forgive Like the average stalker

I'm just sliding,disappear into the night Like a strange and
A forgotten light One,two,three,four and I'm at your door
Calculating infinity In my silence where no one else can
Hear,What is right,what is wrong (right,wrong) In
My silence where no one else forgives Where the sane
And insane strikes together as one


Where is the fire,it makes no sense at all I'm just
Hiding beneath the hour Disabled through affliction I
Can't reach out Reach out,reach out In my silence
Where no one else can hear What is right what is
Wrong (right,wrong) In my silence where no one else
Forgive Where the sane and insane strikes together as
One with a violent work of art I proceed,in this lack of
Faith I get what I need,what I need!


Like the average stalker,Forge to forget,Like the
Average stalker,Like a silent talker,Like the average