Soilwork Nerve Lyrics

Artist: Soilwork
Publishers: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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Length: 3:38

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Call it liberation or frustration,
As it hits like a bomb
Tearing you apart as you're first in line,
Entering the zone
Watch how it runs, a nervewrecking resistance
Watch how it burns, a venomous script's getting formed
You've travelled a long way to get here
And now it's waking you up

Walk straight for a final solution
Walk straight, don't you be so cold
Walk straight with clear resolution
I'll state my case and make it turn

Watch how it runs, watch how it burns
And it's all a deception
Break it and learn, there's no return
For a presence like mine
It's getting all clear now, all the things I know
An elapse of conscious progress will
My courageous insanity follows an infinite time
I'll be attaching the world
On my shoulders
Without a look