Sol Seppy Wonderland Lyrics

Artist: Sol Seppy
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Album: Track 11 on The Bells of 1 2

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I found this picture the other day
It was so amazing I hung it up
My friends said "That's by the girl next door
She doesn't think she's very good at all."

And then one day Sara came around
"Please would you take that thing down?"
She blacked it out and then she ripped it up
And hid herself in a paper bag

Roses are red and the dinner is done
You seem to be happy and so in love
She had disappeared long ago
Waiting for Arthur to come through her window

Here I am, my love

But nobody came and the mist fell down
Her friends transformed into cane toads
Sitting in a room knowing all's a gas
And Arthur was replaced by a spacecraft

You want the kiss of life
Open up your heart
Then step inside
And you'll be alright

You want the kiss of life
Open up your heart
And step inside
And you'll be alright

But she can sing like my shore
It calls her name it's pure and true
And she runs toward this unbelievable love
A love she's dreaming of
My child I am you
I am
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