Sonia - Only Fools (Never Fall in Love) Lyrics

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Album: Track 1 on Sonia
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Ooo Ahh
Ooo Ahh

Love may cause you pain in the night
When there's no-one there to hold you tight
When both love has gone
You still need someone
You say never
Never again

There's a feeling down deep in my heart
And it hurts me, because we're apart
So I'm making you
Let us talk it through
Get back together
Together again

Only fools
Never fall in love
They don't take a chance
Give a second glance
Only fools
Never give their heart
To anyone
Cause they're only fools

(Ooo) Ohh Ohh
(Ahh) Never, never, they never, No,no,no,no,no

There's a flame that burns when you're near
And the way I feel, it's very clear
I still want you back
On an even track
And we'll make it
We'll make it for good

Boy, if only you'd come back to me
This time, I'll make you see
That it's worth the pain
To have it all again
Boy, if only
If only you would

CHORUS - Repeat

O,o,o,only fools
Cause they're

O,o,o,only fools
Cause they're

CHORUS - Repeat til fade

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