Sort Sol - Carry Me into the Sun Lyrics

Artist: Sort Sol Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Flow My Firetear
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In the streets I look around
to see the pretty faces of the town
Everywhere I'm so amazed, baby
never seen such grace now baby
I want something and I want it right now
I have to get to someone somehow
Everywhere I'm looking my baby
just to find a little loving my baby
Carry me Carry me
Carry me into the sun
Carry me into the sun
In the crowd I get so aroused
I see people and they walk so proud
I wish to hold your hand now baby
squeeze it tight as hard as I can baby
Ever since I was a little child
had a dream that was pretty wild
Someone would just take me away
bring me on to another day and
Carry me Carry me
Carry me into the sun
Carry me into the sun
When I see beauty my heart stands still
can hardly breathe and I lose my will
a pair of green eyes has left me dazed
Lord help me I'm falling from grace
The burning sun
The burning sun

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