Soul Position - Blame It on the Jager Lyrics

Artist: Soul Position Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Things Go Better with RJ and Al
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Shot shot shot shot

Weird lookin chicks
You know how shit get in the club
Up in the club!
Got that thang on me!

[Verse 1: Blueprint]
Somebody told me to aim for the sky
Cause even if you miss you'll still be among the stars
True, but much harder to apply
When it comes to meeting young ladies out at the bars
I won't lie, I get a nice amount of love
So when you see me with a girl it's nothing less than a seven
But every now and then I go out to the club and
Wake up with a girl that look like Dave Letterman
You know me, I'm a homebody
So when I do hit the club I ain't hard to catch
On the dancefloor, spilling my drink, throwing bows
Doing old school dances like the Smurf and Cabbage patch
One shot, Two shot, Three shot, Four
Somebody shoulda stopped me from drinking any more
When I was sober that broad looked like Al Gore
Now she look alot more like Demi Moore

[Chorus: Blueprint]
I'm just a regular dude
I do my thang a lil bit, nothin major
I'm not makin excuses
But when it gets like that
You gotta blame it on the Jager

I'm just a regular dude
Far from a shy guy, far from a player
I'm not makin excuses
But when it gets like that
You gotta blame it on the Jager

[Interlude: Blueprint]
Bout to get it, I'm bout to get it
You could get it girl, You could get it
You could get it, Get it
You could get it girl, You could get it

[Verse 2: Blueprint]
Leavin the dancefloor, Feelin sloppy and hot
Seen a broad from behind, Made me wanna stop
With a body that'll make you wanna do a body shot
But her face... Whoa... Not that hot
Unfortunatly I was too busy staring at her body
To even notice this girl was far from a hottie
But dog, I'm too drunk, Too late to sober up
Slapper her on the butt and said "Aiiyo girl, Whats up?!"
She turned around and said "Boy you better stop touching me!"
Recognized my face and said "I love you cd!"
When I'm drunk I'm so corny
But it really didn't matter since shorty was all over me
"Girl, let's make like a tree and leave"
"Girl, let's make like a ball and bounce"
Of course she agrees
I took her big butt and ugly face back to the house


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