Mexican Radio Lyrics

South Park Mexican

publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Charles T. Gray, Mark W. Moreland, Oliver Nanini, Stanard Ridgeway Funsten
album: Track 38 in album Never Change
release date: 2001-12-4
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length: 4:45

Cover Art

South Park Mexican Never Change cover art
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One-double-oh-seven (100.7)
This is for you fellas
Ha ha ha
Something I cooked up the Dope House
In my kitchen ha ha ha yeah

[Verse One]
Roll Cadillacs never lie on ravs
Smoke killer herb till my lungs collapse
Lost two grand last night shooting craps
The I hit the Ritz and bought a few laps
Just got a letter from my old best friend
Doing twenty-five in the federal pen
Wanna come home but he said until then
Could I look over his three children
They wake em up at five am for Fruit Loops
Draped in white overalls and black boots
Used to drive a Lac sipping gin and juice
Now we need money for some chips and soups
Run around town with a sack of rocks
Polo shirt with the matching socks
Mom I promise one day I'ma stop
I'ma grow up and be a astro-naut

I'm on the Mexican radio radio radio
I'm on the Mexican I-Oh radio radio radio radio
I'm on the Mexican radio radio radio
I'm on the Mexican I-Oh radio radio radio radio

[Verse Two]
Now daddy come first and daddy come next
Daddy represent that Screwston, Tex
Silly punks jealous of the S-P-Mex
But your whole crew should be wearing Kotex
I'ma get by and I'ma get high
Thirteen five I'ma let my birds fly
Everybody knows that my back is not dry
If you say it is you a d-d-damn lie
Rolling through life like a tumbleweed
I'm the young pres of my company
Home catching hell cause I love my weed
Baby can you please let your husband breathe
Trying to dodge death and trying to dodge jail
Old damn friends trying to do my gal
People use to call me a bum from hell
Laughed at my car when my muffler fell


[Verse Three]
Pull another bud from the fat ass dime
Grippin wood grain let the seat recline
Got the Asian girl with the big behind
Take her to the telly and she love me long time
Remember when I begged you to buy my tapes
Now I buy cribs on the sides of lakes
Pray to the Lord and ask why they hate
Cuz they got the nuts 'bout the size of grapes
Twenty-two inches on the thirty-two ton
And the candy paint cost eighty-five hun
Even if I'm in my swimming pool having fun
Still I stay strapped with the waterproof gun
I'm asking you please can you pray for me reverend
When I die will I go to heaven
Trying to count the tvs in my car I got eleven
Pioneer read one-double-oh-seven


The day is here
What up baby
Hustle Town
Two double 0 one hun
And it just don't quit
No it just don't stop
Chunk duce
Blow truce

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