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Album: Track 6 on Good Time Spirit
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There's a lot of talkin' goin' round
That I'm no good at all.
But can you find one reason baby
Just to let me fall.

I will always love you
No matter what they say
Let the people do their talkin' -
We're gonna find our way.

Keep your had up to the sky -
You'll be flyin' high
on a rainbow
in the air
There's no way that you can fly

But you always gotta try
to keep on goin'

When you're feelin' lonely
feelin' blue -
You don't know what to do
Just remember one thing baby

Someome cares for you.

Just keep your head together

See the bright sides of life.
Thru' rain and stormy weather
We surely will survive.

Keep your head up to the sky

What the people say
it hasn't got a meaning.
We will find a way
well maybe it won't work the first time.
Look up to the sky
and you will find a rainbow.
Better look next time
I hope you'll find a way to go on -

I will always love you

Keep your head up to the sky

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