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Tonight there will be no time for wasting

It's right in your arms were I'm gonna be.
For me there ain't no need for hasting
'cause you
you will be on my side forever
forever and eve
Hip hap hop - can you tell me -
What the future has in store for you and me?
Hip hap hop - can you tell me -
Can I love you even more (than I did before)
It's true you might be gone by daylight

For you so many girls stand up in line.
But now my company seems alright -
Somehow I feel you're gonna stay forever
forever and ever

Hip hap hop - can you tell me - . . .
Ijust want the world to know
I want your love.
But we are not clear-sighted -
So how is the way we feel tomorrrow love?
I know - well
I know
I know - yes
I know
That the sun is shining now.
Hip hap hop - can you tell me - . . .
Hip hap hop - can you tell me - . . .

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