Sparklehorse - Some Sweet Day Lyrics

Writer(s) : LINKOUS, MARK
Artist: Sparklehorse Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain
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You are, you are my daisy
You're my lullaby
Come sun up my dogs will fade to
Honeysuckle and clear moonshine
She was, she was my black earth
And the fire in my spine
Her magnetic waves gave birth
I was the one who loved you most
But you can't put your arms around a ghost

Some sweet day you will be mine, you'll be mine
Some sweet day you will be mine, you'll be mine

We can, we can go home soon
Over the cold old sea
Her lover is in the old moon
Oh, to kiss her knobbly knees
Know she's laughing underwater
Her pain's gone away
We drank whiskey like our fathers
Born to return back to the clay
My love for you girl will never decay


Where did you go, up to the sun?
Where are you now, part of the sea in every drop
Or did you simply stop?


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