Spoken - Your Grace Alone Lyrics

Artist: Spoken Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on What Remains
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Thank you father for the breath that you give me,
for this heart of desire that you've placed down inside of me,
for the life that you give and all the things you take,
the blessings you bestow and all the sin that you take.
By your blood alone I live.
By your grace, alone I breathe.
By your blood alone I give.
By your grace, alone I see.
My everything to you
my everything I give with everlasting love you're the reason I live.
What am I to you so sinful and untrue?
Once again, I've let you down in some way.
Some how I've let this sadness overcome my life like a cloud.
I'm suffocating in darkness,
suffocating in grief
oh father come into me…

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