Sponge My Purity Lyrics

Artist: Sponge
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Length: 3:32

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If I was dirt
That filled up your life
If I was dirt
So pure and so refined
I'd be the dirt that
Blackened all that shined

Which one would show a purity
Which ane would show how curious
This purity has been
My purity, My purity
My thoroughness, My purity

If I was dirt
That would make you lie
Could I be the dirt
In your irreverent smile
Please pass the dirt
I'll have some on mine


Drag me down and plough me
Under nothing stays the same
Drag me down and plough me
Under nothing will ever change?

If I was the dirt you brought
Through your doorstep
And did that dirt Leave you
Feeling molested
How was that dirt that you've