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Album: Track 6 on New Pop Sunday
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Driving home late one night
Under lazy moon and green dashboard light
Turned on the radio
Heard a voice I heard before say
"That I ran away from home
When I was 13 years old
And why is the world so cold"
And you hope that the life
That you're carrying inside
Doesn't do what you do
Doesn't know the pain
You've been through
That your mother left your father
She fell in love with another
And he took it out on you
I'm here to tell you
Everything's all right
Your message found its
Message found its way
On the radio prayer line
Radio prayer line
You're feelings alone and lost
You can't find your way
Pain's all you feel
Pain's all that's real
You wonder "Will I ever heal?"
You found someone
That would treat you right
He don't beat you
He don't stay out all night
Now you carry his baby
You're afraid he will run away
And could someone there
Please pray
He will many you someday
He will love you for the rest
Of his life
I'm here to tell you
Everything's all right
Your message found it's
Message found it's way
On the radio prayer line

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