Spoon - Something to Look Forward To Lyrics

Artist: Spoon Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Kill the Moonlight
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Now Carole Don't Get Ahead Of Yourself
Don't Say Nothing Right Now
I'll Take It Anywhere You Let It Go

Everything Moving So Fast
It'll Take You A Place Where You Can't Get Back
And I've Seen It Enough
You Gotta Make Me Shut Up

So There's Something To Look Forward To
Gimme Something To Look Forward To

Your Mistakes Your Merciless Eye
Your Chicago Manual Of Style
It Only's Got To Go Just As Far As We Let It Go
So Carole Let Me Know

So Many Things We Could Say
So Many Things We Could Let Get Out
But You Stay In Instead
Some Things Are Best Left Unsaid

Gimme Something To Look Forward To

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