Stacie Orrico - Babygirl Lyrics

Writer(s) : Stevenson, Alonzo Mario / Orrico, Stacie
Artist: Stacie Orrico Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Beautiful Awakening
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I heard you got the news today
Heard you got the news today
Seems nothin' ever goes your way, oh no
Yesterday was a, okay
Now today you're feelin' like you're lost
And he say, she say (she say)
She's too young, there's no way (there's no way)
Not on her own (she can never make it on her own)
But who cares what they say
Cause no one can judge you at all
Its not about who's right or who's wrong

Babygirl take it one day at a time
You can't just grow up overnight
Babygirl I know you're feelin' butterflies
But everything will be alright
Everything will be alright

Everybody seems to notice you
Cause you're not really tryin' to hide a thing
Sometimes you're cool
Sometimes your mood swings
No baggy shirts to hide the change, no shame
Nobody to lie to, to pry with what's inside of you
And he say, she say
She's too grown
Poor thing, all on her own
But who cares what they say
Cause no one can judge you at all
It's not who's right or who's wrong
Girl you're not alone


[Repeat: x2]
So when you're feelin' like life's too cold
Don't lose faith, just move on
Hold on baby it's worth the flight
And everything's gonna be alright

[Chorus: x2]

This song is dedicated to all the single parents
All you young girls strugglin', all on your own
You're courageous and you're beautiful
And this song is for you

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