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Well I know the words
but I can't really speak them, to you

And I hide all the pain,
that I've gained with my wisdom, from you

and I've made it alive
but what I hold inside, all the things that i live with
I can't easily hide

And I'm left here with nothing
nothing to live for, but you.

It's not easy to hide
all this damage inside
and I'll carry it with me
until im not alive

And you look at my face
does it seem just as ugly, to you?

And I can't seem to erase
all these scars I have lived with, from you

I'm so sick of this place
this taste in my mouth
cause of you i can't figure
what I'm all about

And Im left here with nothing
nothing to live for, but you

It's not easy to hide, all this damamge inside
Im carry it with me, till I'm not alive.

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