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Artist: Stan Ridgway Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Holiday in Dirt
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Operator help me
There's a sound out in the street
And it just keeps getting louder
As we speak

No one here to help me
And for years I've lived alone
But this street right here
Has always been my home

When the sun goes down
And all the people go inside
Yeah they lock their doors
Just hoping to wake up alive

Seems no one comes
'Til a body hits the ground
Can you send somebody now
To stop this sound?

Operator help me
Well now the sounds are getting near
And I've called you up three times now
But your voice I never hear

We'd like to stay and we could use
Some help to protect our home
But there's always a busy signal
On your phone

But now that's through
Hey, is there something you can do?

Just yesterday
When the mailman came around
I heard those runnin' feet
Yeah this used to be a good street

Operator help me
I can hear them by the door
And they're laughin' at me stuck in here
I can't hold out anymore

I'll try and call you later
From the phone in the other room
But before I hang up
Please send somebody soon

Please send somebody soon
Somebody soon

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