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Album: Track 6 on Lucky Eleven
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A day like today just feels so good,
Everything going as it should
The mystery is understood
Just like my momma said that it would
So act the way you dream you could
And dream the way an actor would
*You relieve the clouds of rain,
You remind me that they'll be other days
And it goes without saying, if you should catch me praying
It's for days just like this one today
Pick me up at 12:15 when the sun is riding high
Wear your old jean shorts for me, the ones that you cut just above the thigh
You know I've always loved you, so don't make me tell you why
When you let me do my thing, I'm a different guy
Let's break it down to a level I can understand,
You be the woman and I will be your man
When you're feeling it, you just know where you stand
And I walk with my head held high when I can
Not everyday's so easy and they're tough to plan
When the good day comes, you've got to do as the good day demands

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