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(F. Cactus/v. Finsterwalde)

When you look into my eyes
I feel like in paradise
Let's go to a Holiday Innn
And I will show you somethin'
That you never saw before
And you'll like it more and more
It's a particularity
A little bit strange but really funny

Let's go to a Holiday Innn
And I will show you somethin'
Let's go to a Holiday Innn
To a Holiday Innn and I'll show you somethin'

Later you will laugh when you'll remember it
It will be drawned in your mind for eternity
I call it "it" because I don't want
To tell you now what it exactly is
It's a pity that I couldn't shut my mouth
Such a pity, really, because
I would love to see you when you discover it
If you wouldn't be warned about it.
Let's go to a Holiday Innn...

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