Steriogram - Just Like You Lyrics

Writer(s) : Kennedy, Tyson Noel / Adams, Jake Paul / Wrennall, Jared Andrew / Youngson, Tim Scott / Carter, Brad Hanan
Artist: Steriogram Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on This Is Not the Target Market
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What's happening, what's cracking
For two minutes twenty seconds
Long day drive on searching through to find that song
Good sex mad text
Its all gone wrong oh what is next
Old mates first date oh man your running late
Just like you, just might do
What we do is watching you now
Overstate intoxicated
Relocate sophisticated
Getting fat the keg is tapped
Its time for us to mack
Phone call too scared
Ring her now so unprepared
To board, no friends
New towns outside see where it ends
Broken hearted, bad blood
Just got fired
So much love
Home alone night in
When will this life begin
I just won't let it be
Let it fly
I just won't let it breathe
Stop staring in my eyes
Stare and let it go
I know that you won't stay
You won't be
Stop staring in my eyes.

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