Steve Wariner - Big Ol' Empty House Lyrics

Artist: Steve Wariner Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Burnin' the Roadhouse Down
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She walked up to the doorway
Of a mansion on the hill
Was a sign for sale by owner
Taped up on the windowsill
The man said let me tell you
A little about this place
And as he spoke she noticed
A tear roll down his face

It's a big ol' empty house
Where there used to be a home
There's a big ol' broken heart
That's been living there alone
If you fill it up with love
Oh, that's what it's all about
If you don't you'll wind up livin'
In a big ol' empty house

She pulled out a blank check
Took a pen and signed her name
She said both our situations
Seems like they're one and the same
She said all this money
Is just what I settled for
But what I really wanted
I guess we could not afford


If you don't you'll wind up livin'
In a big ol' empty house

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