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Sticky Fingaz

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writers: Joe Satriani
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[story dialogue]
Aight ***** hold it down baby, one love
Aiyyo, yo Bruce - ohhh ****!
Aiyyo *****
Yo I know this ain't that ***** Kirk
Yo Bruce - yo Bruce, that that ***** Kirk?
Look look, look at that *****
Who that Dez? - This Dez, whassup *****?

[Verse 1]
Oh ****, *****, when they let yo' *** out?
What the **** you been drinkin? Look like you bout to pass out
[SF] Nah, I'm aight G just had a little Olde E
You know me - tryin to keep it cool play it low-key
You heard Brucey got knocked and Clay, he shot Fozee
[SF] Yeah, I know G, damn that **** is ****ed up right?
Yo Bruce, you could drop me off at 57th & 9th
Damn I would but I gotta pick up my seed and my wife
Plus you be on some other **** and I don't need dirt in my life
[SF] Come on ***** I got the gas money, plus I got this L
You gon' **** on me son? I just got outta jail
Yeah aight god but I ain't with the bullshit no more
[SF] What you talkin bout man?
Put that cigarette out
[SF] Oh what, you don't smoke no more?
Nah it's just a new car and don't slam my door
[SF] Aight but on the way I need to make a stop at the store
See, give a ***** a inch, he take a yard
But you my dog, so I'ma keep it real with you God, come on
[SF] Aight good looking *****
You better buckle up *****

(Chorus: repeat 2X)
We live our life like this, we live our life like this
We live our life like this, we live our life like this
We live our life like this - why?

[Verse 2]
[SF] Aiyyo, pull over right there ***** (where?)
Right beside that blue Lexus (where you goin?)
I just gotta go pick up some money; I'll be back in a few seconds
Yeah aight don't let a few seconds turn into some minutes
cause I'll bounce on you *****, tires burnin wheels spinnin
[SF] ***** you leave me? Your ***'ll never hear the end of it
Yeah aight God whatever man just hurry up and cut the bullshit

("Inside the jewelry store")

"Aight you know what this is everybody on the **********in floor.
Take that **** off!"
"Yo, I'm Tyrone Holmes. I ain't givin up nothin."
"What *****? (*two gun shots*) **** that. ************. Stop cryin!"

("Outside at the same exact time")

Only two minutes double parked, here come cops
Saw 'em in the rear view, that's when I heard shots
I seen the store door open, it all happened in slow motion
My man running with his gun smoking (Oh ****!)
I'm ready to pull off and act like I don't know him
[SF] *****, yo go ***** go, go, God
You don't you see the cops? You buggin
[SF] What? How they gon' catch us? We in a S-500
Nah, you lunatic *** ***** I ain't goin down for you
[SF] ***** we could get away
but if we get caught, they gon' hang you too

[Chorus] - 1.5X

[Verse 3]
Now we doin bout a hundred miles per hour down back blocks
About a million things on my mind, a ***** that hot
This clown next to me, actin like he hit the jackpot
[SF] ***** what the **** is your problem? I got the loot (What loot?)
You beefin with me ain't gon' get us out of hot pursuit
Yo, I heard shots, what was that?
[SF] Some fool wouldn't give me his jewels
See, you whylin God, I'm thinkin bout my wife and my kid
***** my life, I ain't tryin to do no bid
[SF] ***** I think you actin scared, if you really want to know
You drivin too slow - YO ***** keep your eyes on the road
You almost spun outta control on that last pothole
Slow your role Kirk Jones son you just don't know (I don't know what?)
Yo the way I feel right now, I never felt iller
How you gon' crab me like this and violate a *****?
[SF] Violate you? ***** you tryin to front on me?
Remember I'm the ***** in this ***** that got the heat
and before the cops catch me I'm holdin court in the street
You think I'm gon' let the cops get you, arrest you
(Now you thinkin) handcuff you? You crazy? I want to kill you
(What?) You selfish ************ you ain't seein the light
Remember I was supposed to be pickin up my seed and my wife
(Shut up) Now I'm a wanted accomplice in a jewelry heist
[SF] ****, you want me to say I'm sorry I swear, look me in my eyes
But if you gon' act like a ***** ***** then let me drive

"Yo son what the **** you doin God?"
"Yo **** that."
"Get off the steerin wheel."
"Yo **** that *****, you act like a real ***** *****."
"Yo, you whylin son, you gon' make me crash!"


("The ***alaints begin to fight in their own stupidity.
Instead of working together to get away, they do the exact opposite -
and wind up heading for a tragic situation.
Now I'll let you hear the rest.")

"Yo, yo relax. I got this, I got this God!"

{*argument continues, car crashes*}

[Sticky Fingaz]
Oh ****! Yo, yo - yo Bruce!
Oh ****.. {*trying to help*}
Come on man, come on man, you be aight man
Yo yo, it's not that bad man, it's not that bad man
Trust me - yo would I lie to you man?
Trust me man (I don't think I'ma make it God)
Oh ****.. it's gon' be alright man
(Tell my wife I love her)
Yo Bruce man, don't don't ****in die on me man

{*song bleeds into the next track "Oh My God"*}

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