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Artist: Streetlife Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Street Education
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(feat. Why)
[Intro: Streetlife]
Yeah, come on, come on, yeah
I'm a natural born hustler, and it's on nigga
I'm a natural born hustler, I was raised in the slums
I was taught by these streets, how to double my ones
I stash crack rocks in my mouth til my tongue got numb
And I stood on the ave, until the package was done
A slim chubby fella, always walked with a gun
I got two bad knees, I don't plan to run
I know you can't stand me, since I won a Grammy
And I'm still in your hood, sippin' black berry plenty
I'm an uptown, sneaker rockin', Shaolin New York Yankee
I'm an O.G., I still give haters eye-jammies
All I ever wanted, was an cell five hundred
Be a ghetto celeb, and do my album blunted
[Chorus: Why (Streetlife)]
We love these streets, hung these streets
Never gonna put nothing, above these streets
Reach out and touch something, when the slugs meet
Preach to the streets (teach the youth how to eat)
I'm a natural born gangsta, I keep my hat on the lean
I keep the gun tucked, even when the cops on the scene
These mean streets become, graveyards for frauds
A big boy status, triple extra large
Certified Street, check my identification
Frontin' at my Clan at the door? That's a major violation
You can find me in your grimiest ghetto location
Caught up, brought up, in all sorts of street situations
Listen and learn, maggot, or sleep with the worms
I'm a bad sperm, every time I cum, it burn
We hold trials on these streets, court's adjurned
I send heatwaves, that blow out your perm
[Outro: Why]
Yeah, hah, with the Why, nigga!
Know it's fly, nigga!
My verbal twin, and it's yours
Streetlife! S.I. 7
We in here, nigga, Tical
Yeah, it's on, Loose Linx
To the death, goin' out that way

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