Thugz Need Love Too Lyrics


album: Track 12 in album Street Education
release date: 2005-6-21
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genres: Hip Hop
length: 3:48

Cover Art

Streetlife Street Education cover art
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[Intro: Streetlife]
Get back...
This goes out to you....
But what I feel is true...
Excuse me gorgeous, let me introduce myself
So you, don't confuse me with no one else
I be Street, why? Cuz I life the life
And I know, what, type of nigga, you like
Baby listen, I'm not here to play game
This is strange numbers, by the way, what's your name
It's Max, step out the car, let me see your body frame
You'se a supermodel, sexy as ever, a chocolate fiend
Watch out, step on the sidewalk, let's talk
Are you single, devoted, married, divorced
What you doing out here, in the land of the lost
It's not a good place to double park the Porsche
Besides that though, tryin' to find out where your heart's at
I see y'all clip, blunt in the ashtray, let me spark that
Let's take a walk, find a park we can talk at
Pack a light snack, I'm being rowdy, before you get back
[Chorus: Streetlife]
Street thugs we, need love too, too (too)
I need that good Power-U, that make you feel brand new, new
No disrespect sweet love, but what I feel is true
One piece of pussy, just won't do, do
You are such a special lady, what have you done lately
Scratched up the Benz, and said words to degrate me
I told you, don't bring that around, my wife and babies
You constantly, callin' the crib, trynna break me
What you want from Street? You keep screaming; you hate me
Two way pagin' me, callin' my cell phone crazily
Basically, even though we sex occasionally
From day one, I told you I love my girl faithfully
The pussy's good, I remember standin' on the cantapee
While you suckin' my dick, listening to 'Mercy Me'
That was then, ho, got no love for a bimbo
A sex nympho, smoke all the indo'
The type of nigga that sneak through your back window
And long dick you slow like a porn video
No disrespect, I just fiend for the sex
I, don't babysit, I move on to the next
Like a mean head check, got my whole leg wet
Make a hoe cum multiple times, cuz I'm a vet
I never wine and dine, let ya man pay the check
After the fuck, I'm hard to find, quick to forget
I never commit, you can bet, catch a fit
We can fight, go head flip, just don't ask me for shit
You actin' like, this the only dick that you lick
You mad cuz I fucked all the hoes in your click
I told you, in the second verse, bitch, just quit
And know you wanna get on some Fatal Attraction, shit?
Don't you got a man, I forgot, he's a fan
He can never fuck you like a street nigga can
I understand, and he put the ring on your hand
And I stole your heart, and I don't give a damn

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