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Album: Track 2 on The Last of the International Playboys
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This fall is cold
The wind is coming on fast
Do you know?
Can you tell me how long it will last?

And does it show
The way you did yesterday
Can we go?
Will you let me?
Can we go all the way?

All the days from my youth
Will they end right here?
And it's hard to read the pages
Through a veil full of tears

It's time to go
Because I'm just getting by
And it's hard to keep a conscience
With a head full of lies

[Hey! Are you hearing me now?
Will you wipe the slate clean
And start over somehow?
'Cus I know how we can get down,
Hit the bricks,
Put some miles between us and this town

We are, we are, we are unforgiven
So we move on, move on, move on to the living
I promise you this:
There's more to be missed
Than we could ever dream of here]

And as I lay in the summer and the heat
I feel the wind start to cool me
From the sweat and the sheets
And is it wrong to waste my hours in a haze?
Feeling bad because I ignore you
In so many different ways

But does it show?
I see you try and read my face
I'm lying right beside you
Then I'm gone without a trace

Where did you go?
And I'll try to stay true
It's a shame you're watching
From another point of view


(Dream of here) (2x)


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