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Artist: Strung Out Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Twisted by Design
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This god damn car is broken down again
looks like I'm sleepin' in the back
and I'll be dreamin' of a better place
only to call you in the morning
with the same excuse again
by the side of the freeway
watchin' all the cars go by
I think tomorrow will be the day
I get my shit together
and give up this crying game
I've been here before
I know I'll be here again
I don't know why
but it don't feel the same
For one moment I can see clearly
the weight of the world
don't seem so bad
then I find myself here
right back where I started from again
indecisions's no solution
the days that lay ahead
so I begin to scramble
in my head for the answers
only to find myself shutdown
by the same mistakes again
lookin over my shoulder
for the things that pass me by
I know tomorrow will be the same
I'll find a new excuse
to make the same mistakes again
I've been here before
I know I'll be here again
so many wasted hours
so many wasted intentions

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