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Artist: Strung Out Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Twisted by Design
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King AlvarezGrey sky man is talking to the sidewalk once again
your perfect vision of the world it goes unheard
as the rain falls down on your head
it slips inside the cracks of another fruitless day
here in the land of King Alvarez
you're losing once again
it's getting harder to survive
when the world that's all around you
just don't seem to care
and the universe you've built for yourself
is caving in right on you
and the streets are getting colder
then they used to be these days and now
I see you walkin' down the boulevard alone
and your screaming at the top of your lungs all night
and I wonder to myself
how did you get to be this king without a throne
its just another sunny day
here in the land of Babylon
to see the things that no one sees
to hear the lies that no one tells
its getting lonely in this place
gettin tired of it all

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